Black 2 Comm is a genre free radio show produced and presented by Paul Jackson. Each track connects to the following in a running order that switches between musical styles, dates and audio quality - often leading to strange and unlikely musical pairings. Avoiding the restrictions of mainstream radio play-listing and genre based programming, the sequence carves its own unique path through pop culture. It is broadcast live at 8 o'clock on Sunday evenings on Resonance 104.4 FM (in central London) and can be streamed from

Black 2 Comm 11th November 2018

Featuring Bauhaus, Bhad Bhabie, The Telescopes and more. Cheq out this promo for Tyga's "Taste", released earlier this year. The young rapper, who's handle is an acronym for "thank you god, always", is currently hot stuff. The video ups the booty stakes once again and features 25 bikini clad honeys shaking their money makers on the balcony of a Hollywood Hills apartment, in the pool and at the rollerskating rink while the homeboys spray them with whipped cream and shoot them with high powered water pistols . . . classy!

Black 2 Comm 4th November 2018

Featuring The KLF, Alice Coltrane, Dead Can Dance and more. Cheq out this footage of The Pogues performing "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" at London's Town And Country Club on St Patrick's day, 1988. The clip is introduced by former Clash frontman, Joe Strummer who had stood in for guitarist Philip Chevron on their previous American tour. Strummer would briefly take over vocal duties in 1991 after the band took the unthinkable decision of sacking the increasingly unreliable Shane MacGowen. The singer looks like he would fall over if it wasn't for the microphone stand that he's gripping hold of as if his life depended on it!

Black 2 Comm 28th October 2018

Featuring Echo & The Bunnymen, Shonen Knife, Trippie Redd and more. Cheq out this incredible footage of The Miracles performing "You Really Got A Hold On Me" live in front of a studio audience in 1964. The song was written by singer Smokey Robinson in 1962 and reached a much wider audience the following year when The Beatles included a cover version on their 2nd album. The group drive the crowd of teenagers into a frenzy with their super slick choreography and impeccable vocal performance. . . when Smokey sings!

Black 2 Comm 21st October 2018

Featuring Mott The Hoople, The Crystals, Run-DMC and more. Cheq out this video that I found of Haysi Fantayzee performing "John Wayne Is Big Leggy" on German TV in 1982. Post punk had run its course and the movers and shakers were looking to pop as their new form of expression. The group came out when the music video was in its infancy and style was more important than content. Other related groups of the era included Bow Wow Wow and Adam And The Ants. Former Blitz kids Jeremy Healy and Kate Garner do their cowboy, dreadlocked, street urchin dance as the 'tached, mullet wearing audience look on bemused.

Black 2 Comm 14th October 2018

Featuring X-Ray Spex, The O'Jays, Special Request and many others. Cheq out this video for London grime don D Double E's "How I Like It". The Forrest Gate rapper has been spitting bars to various style beats for over 20 years, starting out on the jungle / garage scene. The promo is shot in and around his East London endz, starts in the barbers shop and proceeds through a list of the things he likes and how he likes them . . . biddy bop bop!