Black 2 Comm is a genre free radio show produced and presented by Paul Jackson. Each track connects to the following in a running order that switches between musical styles, dates and audio quality - often leading to strange and unlikely musical pairings. Avoiding the restrictions of mainstream radio play-listing and genre based programming, the sequence carves its own unique path through pop culture. It is broadcast live at 8 o'clock on Sunday evenings on Resonance 104.4 FM (in central London) and can be streamed from

Black 2 Comm 14th October 2018

Featuring X-Ray Spex, The O'Jays, Special Request and many others. Cheq out this video for London grime don D Double E's "How I Like It". The Forrest Gate rapper has been spitting bars to various style beats for over 20 years, starting out on the jungle / garage scene. The promo is shot in and around his East London endz, starts in the barbers shop and proceeds through a list of the things he likes and how he likes them . . . biddy bop bop!

Black 2 Comm 7th October 2018

Featuring M.I.A., Slaughter & The Dogs, My Bloody Valentine and more. Cheq out this 1981 autobiographical film "Take It Or Leave It" which charts Madness' early years and rise to fame, from their humble roots as The Invaders. It was directed by Stiff Records boss Dave Robinson and filmed in and around the bands North London haunts, including The Dublin Castle pub and Pathway Studios. Soon to be infamous racist skinhead and Skrewdriver singer, Ian Stuart Donaldson puts in a very brief appearance as the group are chased down an alleyway.

Black 2 Comm 30th September 2018

Featuring The Sisters Of Mercy, Bhad Bharbie, The Shaggs and many others. I posted this a while ago but with the recent death of singer / guitarist Johnny Strike, I thought it was time you saw it again. Here's Crime performing to prisoners at San Quentin State Penitentiary in 1979. Second singer / guitarist Frankie Fix's brave girlfriend can be seen briefly, dancing in front of their "captive" audience. The group formed in 1976, billing themselves as San Francisco's first and only rock 'n' roll band. Their recorded output was minimal, only releasing three singles during their initial incarnation. Fixtures on the early Bay punk scene, they often dressed in police uniforms. They would turn up at events and partygoers would flush their drugs down the toilet, fearing that they were witnessing a bust!