Black 2 Comm is a genre free radio show produced and presented by Paul Jackson. Each track connects to the following in a running order that switches between musical styles, dates and audio quality - often leading to strange and unlikely musical pairings. Avoiding the restrictions of mainstream radio play-listing and genre based programming, the sequence carves its own unique path through pop culture. It is broadcast live at 8 o'clock on Sunday evenings on Resonance 104.4 FM (in central London) and can be streamed from

Black 2 Comm 15th September 2019

Featuring The Adverts, SafOne, Buffalo Springfield and more. Cheq out this early footage of the mighty Black Sabbath performing at the Olympia Theatre inna Paris inna 1970. Ozzy belts out the lyrics through a double microphone set up. This configuration was quite popular at the time but is rarely seen today. From what I understand, the upper mic would be placed "out of phase" in the mix, which would effectively cancel out much of the ambient stage noise and allow the sound engineer to push the vocals louder before they fed back.
Guitarist Tony Iommi looks like he's the only one wearing his metal crucifix. Ozzy's father made one for each member of the band and one for their road manager to protect them while they were away from home! The ends of the guitarist's middle and ring finger were cut off in an industrial accident and his self made plastic finger extensions can clearly be seen in some of the shots.
The song that they're playing, "Fairies Wear Boots" was a biographical account of an incident in which the group were attacked by a gang of skinheads (which was a popular youth cult at the time). It seemed that in the midlands back then, your hair was either really long or non existent!

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