Black 2 Comm is a genre free radio show produced and presented by Paul Jackson. Each track connects to the following in a running order that switches between musical styles, dates and audio quality - often leading to strange and unlikely musical pairings. Avoiding the restrictions of mainstream radio play-listing and genre based programming, the sequence carves its own unique path through pop culture. It is broadcast live at 8 o'clock on Sunday evenings on Resonance 104.4 FM (in central London) and can be streamed from

Black 2 Comm 15 December 2019

Featuring Goldfrapp, Jimothy, Otis Redding and more. When you mention San Francisco and punk rock, the Dead Kennedys are about the only group that immediately spring to mind but there was a thriving underground scene in the city. Cheq out this clip of one of the city's lesser known groups, Toxic Reasons performing the brilliant "Destroyer". The band formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1979 but upped sticks (after recording their debut LP) and moved to 'Cisco, where their record company was based. The footage was captured by Target Video who did a great job of documenting the scene. The availability of video equipment probably had a lot to do with this and the reason why the UK punk scene of the same time wasn't really captured in the same way.

Black 2 Comm 8th December 2019

Featuring Ian Dury, Wu-Tang Clan, The Shop Assistants and more. Cheq out this video of The Fall's "Big New Prinz". The track was featured in a ballet called "I Am Curious, Orange" in which the band collaborated with the Michael Clark dance company. The video sees the band playing while Clark prances about on crutches in front of them. The ballet, which included artist Leigh Bowrey, was performed at the Edinburgh festival and then at the Saddlers Wells theatre and was very well received. Around the same time, the group performed on The Old Grey Whistle Test. It was one of the few occasions that they made it onto mainstream television so the members of the group (sans Smith) stayed up late to watch it with their parents and were treated to the sight of Michael Clark's bare arse while the band were hardly visible!

Black 2 Comm 1st December 2019

Featuring Jeff Beck, Joya Landis, The Durutti Column and more. Cheq out this black and white footage of GG Allin's Ted Talk which took place in Boston inna 1980 . . . enjoy!